Things to do in Freestate

Welcome to the Afrikaner heartland where the ubiquitous bakkies full of sheep trundle along giant sunflower lined roads. Previously known as the Orange Freestate it was a republic until it became part of the bigger Republic of South Africa in 1910.


It’s a big place lying in the heart of South Africa, with the Kingdom of Lesotho nestling in the hollow of its bean-like shape. Between the Vaal River in the north and the Orange River in the south, the province is one of flat, rolling grassland and crop fields, rising to lovely sandstone mountains in the north. A beautiful range of hills near Parys in the northern Free State is actually part of the Vredefort Dome, the largest visible meteor-impact site in the world. Formed 2-billion years ago when a meteorite 10km wide slammed into the earth, the Vredefort Dome is one of South Africa's eight Unesco World Heritage sites.

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