Things to do in Lesotho

Lesotho is called Southern Africa’s ‘kingdom in the sky’ for good reason and one of the few places in Africa to experience snow. It is a stunningly beautiful, inland, mountainous country situated in the in the middle of South Africa and provides a unique and fascinating insight into another view on Southern Africa . Letsotho offers the visitor a beautiful mountain vista, plenty of tribal culture, plenty of hiking and a novel way of travelling to uncover hidden gems on hardy Basotho ponies.


Despite being over 1000m high its ‘lowland’ areas offer an eclectic collection of craft shopping and dinosaur hunting whilst higher up at 3000m plus there are craggy peaks set against cloudless skies and plunging green valleys. The eastern part of the country boasts the Sehlabathbe National Park and the capital Maseru is slow paced and friendly.


Modern day Lesotho remains a Kingdom and an intriguing anomaly of a rich historical past set against a tapestry of change in modern day Southern Africa.

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