Things to do in the Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is a diverse province full of history, culture, adventure and challenges (for those who want them). It has numerous bountiful game parks and an unparalleled array of unique flora and fauna. The areas lifeblood is borne on the sweeping tide of the Orange River, a 2 000km stretch of natural power and energy dubbed the !Garib (great river) by the Khoisan. With verdant green vegetation along its banks in stark contrast to the arid surrounds it is a times unpassable in places as it churns its way toward the Indian Ocean.


The Kalahari Desert’s red shifting sands that once rippled and moved are now mostly stable and home to a staggering variety of wildlife. The vast Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (larger than many countries) extends across much of the Kalahari where occassionally the cry of an African fish eagle rings out, or the roar of a black maned Kalahari Lion bellows across the landscape.

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  • Price: R1590 - R1650 per person
    This luxurious private game reserve is located in the Northern Cape Province, the biggest, safest and Malaria free province in South-Africa, approximately 50Km north west of the diamond digging city o...  more