Things to do in Madagascar

Madagascar is an unbeatable, truly unique destination, with a colourful mix of ethnic groups and immense biodiversity. Accommodation is plentiful - with a singular toilet culture that takes some getting used to – and a well-developed tourism infrastructure makes getting around easy and affordable. With some of the hottest chilli sauces and friendliest people anywhere, things to do abound for cultural tourists. Experiencing the diverse backgrounds of the island’s inhabitants – from Arab, through Polynesian to African - and their infectious joy of life is a memorable experience.


Home to the weirdest creatures on the planet, the island is, above all, an eco-tourist’s dream. Lemurs, giant and dwarf chameleons, hissing cockroaches, and other fauna not found anywhere else live among the second highest number of endemic plant species in the world. With no dangerous snakes or predators, it is indeed a paradise of many differing habitats.

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