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  • Ponta do Ouro - Mozambique's diving and 4x4 village

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    Ponta do Ouro – The southern diving village of Mozambique 
    I had the privilege to have visited Mozambique on two occasions and one
    small village in the southern region of Mozambique called Ponta do Ouro, definitely stood out on both visits. This small and very well-known
    diving hotspot is situated in Southern Mozambique just 10 km from the South African border. This town attracts a large number of foreign visitors for mainly scuba diving experiences and makes an excellent destination for 4x4 enthusiasts and family getaways. 


    What can be expected?
    Visitors to Ponta do Ouro will be sure to find beautiful white beaches, dense dune forests and amazing diving spots and divers can expect to get up to 30 meters water visibility at sea when diving. The town has a variety of traditional open air markets and several little shops or “cantinas" as the locals may call it and there are a number of rustic restaurants in town as well. 


    Scuba diving and outdoor paradise
    Divers can expect an untouched environment and enjoy a choice of more than 20 stunning off-shore coral reef diving sites and each hosts an amazing variety of marine life, such as whale shark, giant potato bass, and frog and paper fish and also a variety of dolphin species. Ponta do Ouro has a number of passionate and experienced dive professionals who guides divers through the town’s marine paradise and its always interesting talking to locals for advice on 4x4 routes and other activities nearby.



    Accommodation and activities
    The accommodation options in town vary from camping to more luxury options
    and have developed well over the last 15 years. Popular activities include surfing, kite-surfing, fishing, swimming with dolphins, hiking, quad biking and 4x4. I have experienced, together with a number of fellow-visitors to the south of Mozambique that one gets the best of both worlds when this paradise of African bush are combined with the “island-feeling” of water activities and a light blue coloured ocean. 


    Nature and Malaria
    Nature is very important to the local community and the Marine Protected Area (MPA) workers are constantly making sure the area stays as preserved as possible. Activities of dolphins, migrating whales, nesting turtles and common local fish are monitored daily for their protection, making this a stunning Garden of Eden for nature lovers. Ponta do Ouro is also classified as a malaria infected area and visitors should consult their doctor regarding the necessity of precautionary medication, although we didn’t experience any problems in the past. I always pack mosquito deterrents such as Tabard, Peaceful Sleep and Doom coils when visiting these areas.


    The weather is warm all year round with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and rain mostly occurs November to April and typically during this time it can be very hot and humid.



    Basic groceries are available in Ponta do Ouro and it is advisable to take your own meat from home or from South Africa, as well as any luxury food items you may need.  Alcoholic beverages, water, juices and soft drinks can be bought in town and local markets do sell basic fruit, vegetables, dry groceries, peri-peri sauce and Portuguese style bread.

    Water for drinking
    Water in Ponta do Ouro is not fit for drinking and we experienced a brownish colour and rusty smell some mornings coming from our hotel tap, but the water is fine for showering and bottled water should be used for drinking.

    Currencies and payments

    South African Rands, Mozambican Meticais and US Dollars are accepted in town and credit cards are widely accepted however I often had problems with my Mastercard and the locals told me VISA cards are preferred. Mozambique and more particularly Ponta do Ouro is definitely one of my next holiday destinations with my family and I am looking forward visiting this village for a third time and feasting on some local peri-peri king prawns.