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  • Visiting KwaZulu Natal? Why not visit the Battlefields route of this historical province?

    Posted by Werner Smit February 7, 2014 - 1,291 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #KwaZulu Natal  #Zululand  #Warrior  #Boer War  #British soldiers  #South Africa  #Battlefields 

    KwaZulu Natal is definitely one of the more interesting provinces to visit in South Africa and attracts thousands of holiday makers throughout
    the year because of its subtropical climate at the coast and very long summers. The Battlefields route of the province attracts a large number of visitors for the last few years and many expert tour guides and tour operators take people on historical journeys going back to the early Zulu battlefields during the 1800’s and right up to the early 1900’s Anglo Boer War sites. 


    The region offers visitors a variety of 82 battlefields, museums, old fortifications and places of remembrance. The Route also boasts the largest concentration of significant Battles and war related sites than anywhere in South Africa and within this area, are some of the best game parks and conservancies, where you will find the Big Five, fantastic bird viewing areas, the magnificent mountains of the uKhahlamba/Drakensberg Heritage Park, numerous adventure sports sites and the famous Zulu Culture and Heritage sites.


    Travellers can choose to guide yourself or the services of a specialist guide, either way it is always advisable to read up a little on the sites and war before making your visit. This way you will find reference to various books and authors that are specialists in their field. I also recommend that you have a good road map in your vehicle at all times, as some of these historical sites are situated in very remote locations.

    When travelling through this historical area, I always got a bit of an “old world” feeling and a better understanding of how brave some of these warriors and soldiers were, whether it was Boer soldiers, Zulu Warriors or British soldiers, I have a sense of respect for all of them.