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  • Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth.

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    Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth.

    The first stage we teach you, the Moses Mabhida Stadium, has brought us luck. But we can still enjoy the architectural treasures of the world is offering us. Now we will show a selection of the best photos of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, also designed by GMP Architekten and host the quarterfinals.


    Located in Port Elizabeth, also called the "Windy City", the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium has a unique structure of curved beams supporting a large canvas that alternates with other perforated opaque areas. This unique structure is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions in Port Elizabeth, with strong winds and lots of sunshine.


    With a capacity of 46,000 spectators, the stadium is located in the city center, in the heart of a park with stunning views of the lake.


    Port Elizabeth is one of the largest cities of South Africa and belongs to the municipality of Nelson Mandela Bay. Its port is the third largest in the country, and its close to many state parks has become one of the main tourist areas.


    Port Elizabeth is a beautiful city and seaport in South Africa, located in the Nelson Mandela Bay, in the Cape Province, between the towns of Uitenhage and Despatch. So for travelling in Port Elizabeth, Find out more for online booking of cars on rent because it is the economical way of transportation in South Africa.


    Also called the "Friendly City", its name was named in honor of the wife of the governor of the colony in his time Sir Rufane Donkin, was colonized by the British around 1820.


    As a port city became the gateway for settlers on the South African border, growing rapidly after the arrival of the railroad that joined the city of Kimberley in 1873.


    Originally industry was engaged in wool, mohair and ostrich feathers, until the start of mining to the discovery of gold.


    Today it is a city whose strongest is the automotive industry, in addition to food, manufacturing Pneumatic, carpenters, etc., its population in 2001 had increased to 1,005,776 hab., And the three most spoken languages are the isi-Xhosa (57.5%), Afrikaans (30%), and English (12.5%).


    It has European features with avant-garde buildings, and was an intellectual focus on the fight against apartheid in the Eastern Cape Province, of which are from people like Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu.


    Port Elizabeth has the most beautiful beaches constitute protected nature reserve with an area of 40 km., Which are the delight of international tourism, with all services it may require, at the level of water sports and all kinds of activities. It will continue.