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  • Visit South Africa's west coast village of Paternoster

    Posted by Rene Smit February 24, 2014 - 1,652 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #Fishing  #paternoster  #crayfish  #west coast  #bokkoms 

    Paternoster is a peaceful little fishing village about 90 minutes drive from Cape Town and is one of the oldest villages in the West Coast where travellers can come and relax. People visiting can purchase freshly caught snoek (mainly in winter) and crayfish(in summer) from the local fisherman just as they come into shore directly from their fishing boats. The traditional wooden boats are colourful which catches your eyes as you look down onto the beach.

    Paternoster – meaning ‘our Father’ took its name from shipwrecked Portuguese sailors’ prayers.

    A tall white lighthouse that watches over Paternoster stands in the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve where it stretches all the way to well-known ‘Tieitiesbaai’ – named as to the Rocky coastline. The reserve has a camping ground for the summer holidays or even just a drive through for the day that offers beautiful wildflowers in spring, whale and dolphin watching almost all year round.

    Evening crayfish barbeques, beautiful sunsets, long walks on Langstrand beach that stretches about 8 km long. Sun bathing on the white sand and swimming in the cool waters. Eating out at excellent restaurants some of them on the beach and socialising with friendly locals. Buying bokkoms (dried out fish so yummy and salty) from the Paternoster farm stall. Strolling by foot to the art galleries and shops just a few mentioned things that make Paternoster so fun to visit.

    My husband and I got engaged in Paternoster and what a romantic atmosphere this place has to offer.  

    Other activities such as climbing the lighthouse, hiking, biking, kite surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, watching penguin and seals, almost all year whale and dolphin watching. Over 200 bird species to look for, especially the endangered black oystercatchers.

    Accommodation in Paternoster is plentiful and of high standard, then so is the cuisine, natural beauty and hospitality. This small village on the west coast of South Africa is a must visit for any tourist.