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  • Picture this: Safari

    Posted by Rebecca Winter January 22, 2014 - 3,254 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #safari  #big5  #animals  #sunset  #horizon  #journey  #Swahili 

    Picture this...



    You look up to the sky to be greeted by a yellow semi circular shape that is embodied by a deep, rich orange that wraps itself around the yellow segment. It is a sunset that makes a statement among the horizon. The smouldering heat has decreased and there is a warm breeze that softly whisks through your hair and carries this fresh smell that is pleasing. You look to the ground and see a dusty track embedded with tyre imprints. Surrounding this on each side is fine grass that looks in need of some rain fall. Looking into the distance has never been so mesmerising with sites you thought you’d only see in photographs. As the remarkable animals ponder their terrain you realise you are in the heart of the animal kingdom... this must mean you’re on safari!



    In Swahili ‘safari’ means ‘to journey’ and an amazing journey is certainly what you experience in the Southern African territory. While on safari the variety of wild animals you witness is incredible, from their aesthetics to how they interact with each other is fascinating to observe. When locals and tourists go on safari the animals which they are most hoping to see are the big 5, which is something unforgettable for you to witness. So pack your binoculars and prepare for a vision of wildlife beyond your imagination.






    Words by Rebecca Winter